music / art / animation / fractals


Art Projects


Sometimes I like to make interesting things, fractals, drawings, cartoons, all sorts of stuff.  I'm happy when I'm creative.  I'll try to share as much of my creativity as I can with you.  Some of it is the spawn of a deep depression, other stuff is the result of a great joy.  We have many ups and downs in our lives and mine is no different.  My art and music is the result of the good and the bad times that I have experienced.



I have this music project that I call "Affinitia" and a lot of it is pretty old now.  I'd like to start making new music again, just need to find the time.  You can listen to what I've released on Spotify.



I've done a few things with Animation.  My biggest accomplishment was winning Radiohead's vignette competition in 2016 with an animated fractal that I created.  I've made some odd cartoons here and there which have been posted to YouTube and Newgrounds.  It's a fun little adventure.

Other Projects

2048 Game


I did the art for this 2048 game that my friend Kent coded.  We are called Apptitood.  Check out our Free game on Google Play.  Enjoy it at your computer, or on your Android phone while waiting for your tire to get changed because you drove over a screw. 



Sometimes I like to play videogames.  I haven't done much with that yet, but recently I made a couple Binding of Isaac videos just for fun and posted them to Reddit.  Who knows where it will go from there, or if it will go anywhere at all.

What about the Future?


I hope to just keep making things until I die.  Sometimes I can create a lot of stuff in a day, other times I go weeks without making anything.  To create you need to feel it, you need to be inspired, and you need to believe in whatever it is you are making. Unfortunately it's not always that easy.

Questions or Comments

If you have questions about my freelance work, art, music, or other ventures please feel free to reach out to me via the below form. Every message does get read, so it's not just going into a great abyss or anything like that.